Author: Nikola Stojanovic


When you have your own column in the newspapers as a permanent contributor, you are required to submit every text within the defined deadline. Very often it happens that you have a writer’s block while the deadline is drawing nearer and nearer. To avoid panic in such situations, I use my resourcefulness: I write “the articles which one can do with one hand tied behind one’s back”…Therefore, in such situations I would write easy and simple articles which do not require a lot of “mental challenge“ on my part. This is one of such texts. However, to my surprise, it was well received by the readers.

This is why I pulled this article out of the archive and published  it on my website.

“Argument”, 19 January 1998



The Moon symbolises the moment of our life, that is, the present, and thus the transits of the Moon through the Zodiac signs and houses influence the daily events both in the lives of individuals and the nation as a whole. The transit of the Moon through a particular sign carries the symbolic of such sign, making people to focus more attention and interest on the areas symbolised  by this sign. I will give a few examples from my own life.

Example 1

 One summer day I took my kid (she was a baby at that time) out “for a breath of fresh air ”. I joined the group of fathers for a chat. We started talking about our time spent in the army and the weapons  we used, and soon we were joined by our neighbour who was a knife-grinder. He talked about his job and how surprised he was by a large number of customers he had that day. While we were talking, someone bent down and picked up an abandoned ball  in our vicinity, suggesting to play volleyball. We were all delighted at the suggestion and spent the next two hours playing volleyball. We were so absorbed in the game that we even forgot to pay attention to what our children were doing.

On my way back home I was feeling relaxed and satisfied. Being an astrologer at heart (Moon in Aquarius) and recalling the past events, I thought that the transiting Moon must be in Aries. When I got home, I looked it up in ephemeris (book which contains the planetary positions for midnight, and for each day in this century).

Naturally, the Moon was in Aries. Since the Moon influences daily events, its transit through Aries influenced the events I experienced while being outdoors. This is because Mars, the ruler of Aries, symbolises the army (we talked about the army), weapons (we talked about weapons), knives (the knife-grinder had a lot of work that day) and physical activities such as sport (we played volleyball). Naturally, everything was happening at a subconscious level for none of us knew, including me, where the Moon was that day.

Example 2

 One day, a neighbour of mine came to me all depressed, worried and sad. He told me that his wife had left him. She took her things, their baby and went to stay with her parents. He asked me to look at his horoscope to see whether she would come back to him and when this would happen. He  feared that her anger would last for a longer period for she had a bit of a temper. I told him that he had to be patient for a couple of days and restrain himself from calling her and then, on a particular day he was supposed to call her and she would come back home without a word of objection. And this really happened. She came back home without any objections and the family was together again. My good neighbour was surprised how smoothly his reconciliation with his wife went for he was expecting many weeks of persuasions and reconciliations.

So, what was the point ? On the day when I told him to call his wife to come back home to him, the Moon was transiting through Libra.

Libra  as the sign, and Venus as its ruler, symbolise marriage, harmony, harmonious and peaceful relationships with other people and love, which is why his wife wanted more than anything to come back to her husband on that day for she greatly missed everything that was symbolised by Libra (on that very day). Thus, when you want to make amends with someone or ask him or her on a date, the best time to do it is when the Moon is transiting Libra.

Example 3

Another neighbour of mine, who is an extremely hard working man and spends all of his time working, about every 28 days withdraws into himself, does not go to work, does not answer the phone and spends the whole day in the house. All of us experience such days when, mildly put, we feel listless, in a bad mood and want to be alone. This happens when the transiting Moon passes through the 12th house of our horoscope, since this house symbolises loneliness and wish for isolation. Since this house also symbolises unanticipated difficulties, one should never do anything important while the Moon is transiting the 12th house for, in most of the cases, something unforeseen will happen that will produce poor results of our work or no results at all.

Raising children

 From what has been said we can conclude that when we know the symbolic of each sign and house in our horoscope, the knowledge of Moon transits can be applied in practice. For example, I use Moon transits in the upbringing of my child.

For example, since I want my child to like classical music, when the Moon is transiting Taurus I play for her “uncle Pavarotti ”,  for Taurus symbolises both opera and opera singing. Naturally, I was quite successful in my intention and every time when she sees uncle Pavarotti on TV she turns the volume up.

When the Moon is transiting Gemini, I always give her a piece of paper and a pencil and she draws and writes letters the whole day long, because Gemini symbolise everything connected with drawing, writing, books and similar things. When you want to teach your child to ride a bicycle, you should also do that while the Moon is transiting Gemini, for Gemini symbolise all means of transport, including bicycle. If you want your child to be able to speak foreign languages, start teaching him or her when the Moon is transiting Sagittarius, for this sign symbolises everything that is connected with foreign countries. If you want your child to be religious, take him or her to church when the Moon is transiting Pisces, for Pisces symbolise churches and religion.

The point is that the Moon transiting through a particular sign releases everything symbolised by this sign and your child will accept and understand everything much easier. This way, you will avoid forcing something on your child in his or her upbringing, which often can backlash. When the Moon is transiting Aries, your child will have a lot of energy and its best for the child to let him or her play outdoors with their friends for, otherwise, they would do in the house everything that they would normally do outdoors and the house will be a mess, while the child will irritate you and provoke your aggression. Do not forget, the Moon in Aries influences you too (the ruler Mars ‑ aggression), and can make you slap the child (Mars ‑ blow).

For example, when the Moon is transiting Cancer, the children are more attached to their mother for the Moon rules Cancer which symbolises mother. This can bring worries to young fathers for their child will simply take no notice of them. However, the Moon quickly enters Leo ruled by the Sun (father), and all the attention of the child will be focused on the father. If, by any chance, you are not at home with your child in that period, it will long for you (father).

Therefore, buy ephemeris, track the motions of the Moon and live in harmony with the nature.