Author: Nikola Stojanovic

The astrological symbolic of the NEW YEAR’S EVE CELEBRATION is expressed in everything that happens on that night. People gather together to WAIT for the midnight when January 1 will become the first day of the New Year. Shortly before midnight, for the people all over the world, the COUNTDOWN for the New Year begins.

SANTA CLAUS symbolises New Year’s holidays. In astrology, SATURN rules all the processes where something is AWAITED as well as NUMBERS and COUNTING. SATURN also symbolises old people, i.e. GRANDPAS as well as coldness and frostiness i.e. FROST.

Thus, the position of Saturn in a person’s horoscope tells us where this person usually celebrates New Year. If Saturn is placed in the 5th house, this usually takes place in a restaurant; the 4th house denotes a celebration at home; 6th house at work or at colleague’s place or it usually happens that you fall ill; at 12th house – a hotel or, even better, on the seacoast, spa or a far off country –the worst option this position can bring is you being lonely or finding yourself in an institution of a contained type.

The position of Saturn in the annual horoscope tells us where we will (or where we wish to) celebrate the New Year’s Eve that year.

In the course of these New Year’s holidays an interesting thing happened to the author of this website. About two months before the New Year’s Eve 2004, I forecast a beautiful Belgrader (some will certainly claim that ALL Belgraders are beautiful), a future M.Sc in mechanical engineering, that she will be PROPOSED on the New Year’s Eve. She was very much surprised to hear it since, at that moment, she was single and did not have a boyfriend.


My workload often makes me forget my prognoses very fast. Some 2 weeks after the New Year’s Eve 2004, this client of mine called saying:” I just HAVE TO see you and show you something!”

She visited me in my office on the agreed day with the beautiful smile on her face. She showed me photographs in a magazine. In the photographs I saw her with her HUSBAND to be! The photographs were showing the moment (without them knowing it!) when her future husband PROPOSED TO HER GIVING HER AN ENGAGEMENT RING!!!

As circumstances would have it, at that moment, in their vicinity, on the main square in front of Jadran cinema, a photographer of STAR magazine happened to pass by. His sharp photographer’s eye quickly “spotted the situation” and his camera recorded this solemn moment! Someone would say ”just like in a movie”.

Beautiful Jelena

Beautiful Jelena was born on 3.6.1975 in Belgrade (20E30, 44N50), at 05:57 AM CET -1. Her Ascendant is placed at the 9th degree of Cancer, which means that the cusp of her 7th house is at the 9th degree of Capricorn. The ruler of her 7th house (1.marriage), Saturn, is placed in her 1st house denoting many marriage proposals that she had already turned down (Saturn means-NO). I warned her about the CATCH the position of this Saturn brings with it which is likely to result in a very LATE (Capricorn, Saturn) marriage. I described her future husband as a man of a domestic origin living abroad (cusp of her 7th house is at the 9th degree – degree of Sagittarius – a foreigner; Saturn, the ruler of her 7th house is placed in Cancer, which tells us that this man originates from her country).

I used planets in her 10th house to describe his parents, country where he lives, his house and place where his house is located. Her 10th house (his 4th house since 10th house is the 4th house counting from the 7th house – a husband) contains the following planets: the Moon in Pisces (he has a house-Moon – on the seacoast; Moon is at the 25th degree – the degree of Aries- to build - which means that his parents built a house on the seacoast.); Mars is placed in the sign of Aries (also to build, construct) at the 9th degree together with Jupiter at the 17th degree. This means that his father (10th house – his 4th house), as a young man, in the prime of his life (Mars) went to a foreign country (Mars at the 9th degree of Sagittarius – a foreign country; in additionally supported by Mars conjunction Jupiter). This foreign country was Germany (Aries). This also tells us that his parents built a house in this country, as well (Moon-homesickness, they returned to their homeland), near tennis courts (Jupiter) or a racecourse (Jupiter-horses).

Having seen the position of the 7th house in Capricorn (New Year) I told her that she would be proposed on the VERY night of the celebration of the New Year’s Eve! Why CELEBRATION?

The explanation can be found in the position of Saturn at the 17th degree of Cancer (marriage-ruler of the 7th house).

This degree has the symbolic of Leo (celebrations, festivities) and thus, the proposal took place during the CELEBRATION OF THE NEW YEAR’S EVE (Saturn-New Year at the 17th degree – Leo - celebration). This was in the crowd of people because Saturn is in Cancer (ruler Moon-masses of people); in front of the CINEMA because the ruler of her 7th house is at the 9th degree bearing the symbolic of Sagittarius - movie; which is also why all of that resembled a MOVIE story.

 The same degree (the 9th degree of Capricorn) determined the occupation of her future husband. Ivan (14/5/1966., 10E47, 52N25, 01:23 AM CET -1) is a TENNIS INSTRUCTOR -tennis (9th degree, the degree of Sagittarius - tennis); a coach (Saturn, ruler of the 7th house – husband – at the 17th degree of Leo – a teacher, lecturer, trainer)!

 Ivan lives and works in Germany. His parents built a big house in this country in the vicinity of the headquarters of the MOUNTED police!

Naturally, it all happens during the celebration of the New Year’s Eve in 2004, as shown in her ANNUAL horoscope for the current year.

A couple of days after the proposal she told him smiling mysteriously: “You know, Ivan, I KNEW I would be proposed to …”. Hearing this, he also smiled mysteriously and said: “ You know, I knew that I would get married!”

“I knew this because my astrologer told me, and how did you know?”

“ I also learned this from my astrologer!”

Let us wish Jelena and Ivan a lot of happiness, love and children concluding that it is very good (and beneficial) when astrologers know their job.