Author: Nikola Stojanovic

What happens when a client visits an astrologer, after the interpretation of a birth chart has been completed? This is probably true for all astrologers who have been into astrology for good many years (have a considerable number of clients) – we easily forget clients and everything we say to them. At the end, it is client's rather than astrologer's responsibility to remember the interpretation of his/her birth chart and subsequent recommendations.

My memory usually records only some of the most interesting and educational details from a birth chart since almost everyone's horoscope contains something new and informative that I haven’t met in my practice before. I put in a special file particularly interesting and educational horoscopes to be subsequently «served» to my students in the school of astrology.

Some two or three weeks ago a girl called me to make an appointment claiming that she was my client and she wanted to buy my second book. That was not uncommon since my 6th house (clients) is in the sign of Aquarius (astrology). Mercury (to understand, to know, to read, to study astrology- Aquarius) is exalted in my 6th house and thus, many of my clients dabble in astrology.

She visited me in my office on the day of the appointment.

«Hallo, I'm Biljana, I came as agreed, to buy your book». She takes the book which she hadn't even looked at, sits in an armchair and says: « You see, I visited you three years ago and... I still can't believe it. Everything you said would happen to me actually did happen...»

In such situation when a person utters something like this, I feel, simply put, dumb since I can remember neither what I had said nor the birth chart of the person.

Having had some 20 minutes until the next appointment I searched for her birth chart in my computer and asked her to tell me what I had said to her and what had happened.

Therefore, she started her account....

Since she memorized every detail of what I told her three years ago and in view of the fact that her horoscope was very educational, based on which I gave her very accurate prognoses, I asked her to «put her life story on paper» so that I could put it on my website – naturally, with her permission.


This story also tells us what particular clients think about astrology and astrologers and how they experience their appointments with astrologers.

Her name is Biljana Pajić. She is an electrical engineer. The time of her birth was rectified – she was born 5 minutes earlier than specified in her birth certificate (13:35). Further in the text you will find Biljana's letter while my astrological explanations are given in brackets.


From: Biljana Pajić [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Sent: Friday, November 05, 2004 12:44 PM

To: Stojanović Nikola

Subject: THANK YOU -Biljana Pajić


Dear Mr. Stojanovic,


I don’t know where to start. I was born on 9.3.1971 at 13.40 in Zemun.

Your words are still vivid in my mind although it’s been exactly 3 years since my first appointment with you!!!

Something was simply forcing me to visit you although I used to think that astrology was nothing but quackery.

I visited you at your home. I came with a friend since I didn’t dare to come alone. My mental condition was very bad and was causing the deterioration of my entire health. I wanted someone with me there, someone who would be able to give me objective assessment of what I was going to hear. However...Your first words left me petrified.  You told me that I lived near the source of a big noise and that there was water in the vicinity. I live in block 45 (near the Sava river and airplanes fly above my building all the time)! I never told you about the place I live. You also told me that my job has something to do with electrical engineering (I work in the Power Distribution Industry), that my then husband often travels abroad and falls ill every time he is there (he didn’t like traveling, he used to say that this was his punishment) and that his job was connected with traffic (he works in Yugoslav Airlines and has spent a lot of time in foreign countries), that he was hard-working and able to earn a lot of money, that his mother had a big and concealed influence on him, that his true person was completely different from the one he shows to the rest of the world and that I was the only one who knew his true nature. At the time, no one knew about this dark side of my marriage.

Biljana Pajic

(the 7th house describes the first husband and the way he presents himself to other people. Venus is placed in the 7th house, which speaks about his good upbringing and manners, that he is a man who leaves good and favorable expression on other people. However, his house beginning in the sign of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn; Uranus is at the 12th degree of Libra bearing all the symbolic of Pisces and indicating that her husband’s personality is very complex and that parts of his character are concealed and invisible to other people; the other ruler Saturn placed at the worst 18th degree speaks about evil and controlled trait of his (Saturn – control, self-control) which from time to time surfaces)

I kept silent and put up with it because I wanted to have children. In addition, when you had read my mind about it you told me that I would never have children here, in my own country (my first pregnancy ended up in a miscarriage on 8/3/1999, a day before my birthday. I barely stayed alive and I spent the entire pregnancy in hospital. After that, I tried artificial insemination two times but no use). You also told me that I would have children only if I go abroad.

(The fifth house describes children and the first-born. Her fifth house begins in Scorpio; the ruler of this house Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius –a foreign country; this sign and house also contain Neptune and Jupiter-ruler of Sagittarius, which tells us that she can have children only if she follows the symbolic of Sagittarius –in a foreign country; Neptune and Jupiter rule the 9th house – second marriage and thus, she can have children only in the second marriage.

This birth chart also perfectly supports astrologer Svetlana’s theory on pregnancy –8th house is the house of pregnancy. In her horoscope it begins in Aquarius which symbolizes everything of artificial nature and this is why Biljana tried artificial insemination; ruler of this house Uranus is retrograde which brings about the failure of the first attempts –she must try more than once…)

Then, there was another shock!!! You told me that I would divorce him, more exactly, that I would leave him because I would refuse to put up with mental and physical abuse either from him or his family (mother, brother) and that he would try to get me back but without success. You told me that I would go to court with him in connection with real property. We were building a house at the time, it was year 2000. (now there is an ongoing proceedings about the distribution of property). You advised me not to ride with him in the same car (he is inclined to speedy and reckless driving) because in his birth chart he had some very adverse aspects and that I should stay away from crossroads (a year later, on the crossroads near the train station we went under a truck –luckily only the car was damaged – navy blue Reno 4). Therefore,  all of this happened and is still happening.

(In almost all cases, Ascendant Leo with the cusp of the 7th house – marriage – in Aquarius results in divorce. Ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, symbolizes divorce. This is especially true for people born in the late 1960s and early 1970s when Uranus (divorce) was in the sign of Libra-marriage. Almost all people I know with Leo as Ascendant are divorced. This fact was particularly influenced by Uranus transiting Aquarius.

In her 7th house – denoting marriage but additionally the events during a divorce – there is Venus. Venus rules her 4th house (house, home, apartment) and thus, after she got married  (7th house) she started to build a house together with her husband. While this house is also the house denoting divorce, they were bound to take this matter of the joint house to court –Venus in the 7th house as a ruler of the 4th house –house, home.)

I was in denial. I kept saying that was a mistake. How was I to leave the man I adored?! I really adored him despite him bullying me and pushing me into a nervous breakdown and escape in my own imaginary world. I thought he was ideal and that I was not able to find a better man.

(Uranus ruling her 7th house – marriage – also rules nerves, irritation and nervous breakdown. The ruler of her Ascendant – our first reaction to something, the Sun, is placed in Pisces – escape into an imaginary world.)

Then you told me that I would meet a man who would have something to do with my line of work. That he would be 7-8 years older than me with a previous marriage and a child from this marriage. That he would invite me to visit him in a foreign country which is surrounded by water and that my second marriage will be a very happy one. You told me that a much better life was waiting for me abroad and that only in a foreign country would I be able to express myself fully in all areas of life. And this is really happening to me now. In January, I’m leaving for a foreign insular land.

(Her 9th house describes her second husband. This house begins in Pisces. Both rulers of this house – Neptune and Jupiter – are placed in Sagittarius (a foreign country); this house stretches to the sign of Pisces –sea where, additionally Mercury and Sun are placed –small country surrounded (Mercury) by sea –Pisces. They have known each other –the Sun ruler of her Ascendant-she exact sextile Saturn-someone from the past. The same aspect indicates that he is older than her; Saturn rules her 6th house –colleague from work, the one she used to work with; in addition, Saturn and Sun are at the 18th degree with all symbolic of Virgo –from work, on work. He is divorced because in her 3rd house i.e. his 7th house when we count from the 9th one – the second husband- there is Uranus (divorce). He has a child because in the 9th house there is Mercury – child and Sun ruling her 1st and his 5th house – child -when we count the houses starting from the 9th (second husband). The cusp of her 9th house – second husband – is at the 16th degree fully symbolizing Cancer. This tells us that her second husband will be a man from her country – Cancer, origin.)

There is a strong chemistry between us. You told me yourself that there would be a strong attraction between us.

(Both rulers of the 9th house (second husband), Neptune and Jupiter, are placed in the 5th house - love.)

Then you mentioned that sister (sisters) should be careful in traffic and be ware of the violent death. The next year, on 11/9/2002 my first cousin, with whom I was very close, died in a traffic accident in Germany. She was killed instantly. I couldn’t believe it and then your words started to echo in my mind. How was it possible that you were able to predict these events so much in advance?

(In her 3rd house (sisters) there is Pluto (death) opposition (adverse aspect) Mercury, the ruler of this house (also symbolizes sisters and traffic) at the unfavorable 20th degree – degree with the symbolic of Scorpio (death) in Pisces (to lose, loss). Mercury, the ruler of the 3rd house (sister) is in the 9th house – this is why this happens in a foreign country)

How did you know that my father is a very strict but fair man and, above all, righteous? How could you have known that my husband’s family was verbally abusing me and that I kept out of their way, that my husband physically abused me and humiliated me every chance he got however, later on, trying to make amends with expensive gifts.

(Venus- gifts, in the 7th house (husband) sextile Jupiter (expensive gifts))

How did you know that he would find a mistress in his job!? This also proved to be true as it was true that he is currently trying to prevent me from getting any property. This is exactly what he is trying to do. Only, you stressed that I should be nice and that I would be able to get my financial compensation only through subtle ways. Now I only need to wait and follow your advice. I wanted to know what was going to happen to my (ex) husband. You told me that should he remarry his marriage would be a disaster. (He was born on 9/10/1967 at 23.45 in Zemun.) The 11th house of her horoscope is the 5th house of his love affair; it begins at the 24th degree of Taurus which has the same symbolic as the sign of Pisces – secret relationships. Venus, the ruler of this house, is at the 6th degree with the full symbolic of Virgo (on the job, from work). Her seventh house describes her first husband and what will happen in the course of divorce proceedings. Venus in her 7th house symbolizes a sensible discussion; however, Saturn also rules the 7th house and is placed in Taurus (property) at the worst 18th degree. All this tells us that if she provokes anger in him, the evil energy will pour out of him and he will become obstinate in his intention to leave her without a penny and the divorce will take a long time – all due to the adverse influence of Saturn at the very adverse degree. This position of Saturn (diminishing, lessening) in Taurus (property) also tells us that in the course of property division she will get a worse deal and be given less than a fair value of the property.

Her 3rd house describes his second marriage because this is the 9th house counting from the 7th. It begins in the sign of Virgo – he meets his second wife through the symbolic of this sign (business) where the dangerous aspect lies in wait for them – Mercury opposition Pluto...)


I remember leaving your apartment and my friend telling me "this man is raving mad, you’d better forget all he said because it's ridiculous ".

I couldn't think rationally. Every word was carved deeply in my mind and I was trying to find a rational explanation. But there wasn't any. Very soon, your forecasts started to come true.....

Thank you for preparing me for what the future brings!!!


A week later, I got another letter.

From: Biljana Pajić [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2004 8:49 AM

To: Stojanović Nikola

Subject: Biljana

Hi Nikola,

I just wanted to inform you that I followed your advice about the proceedings. I was nice and calm. It was all over on 10/11/2004 at 11:45. We managed to reach an understanding about the division of the house and other property. I felt horrible. I came to him, wished him all the best in life and asked him to go with me somewhere for a drink. I wanted to talk to him alone, without lawyers.

He agreed ...he cried like a baby. I couldn’t believe my eyes – such a tough man crying. He kept telling me that he still loved me but not as much as before. Now he loves her, as well. Only, I can’t understand how you can love someone that much after you’ve known this person for just two months. Is that possible? He said that he had changed. Is it possible for a person to change at 37?

I think it’s just an illusion.

I had the impression that he was on the verge of asking me to get back with him but he knew that I had seen him with her a while ago and was too embarrassed. He tried to reduce my share of property but still agreed that I should have 40% of the house price (I am to sell the house). He gave me the car and some other things. For a moment, I wished I could turn the time back but it is not possible ….I will move on.


I answered: “ Tomorrow is another day…”