I have always found encounters with fellow astrologers interesting, particularly encounters with those who have pursued this divine science for a good many years. A touch of vanity is always involved in such meetings, in which a renowned astrologer wishes to present his/her knowledge with a view to gaining a colleague's respect. A few years ago, I met a fellow astrologer who had studied astrology meticulously for over 20 years and who was a professor at Belgrade University. Out of respect for his years of study, I let him start the ball rolling in what turned out to be a very pleasant discussion. Since he was an attentive reader of articles of mine published in Argument Weekly, my mentioning of the zodiac degrees had come to his attention, and we began to discuss the subject. Until that discussion I had not talked much about my discovery of the secrets of the degrees, partly for fear that someone might claim my knowledge as their own.  However, a combination of vanity and awareness of the importance of the secret of the degrees caused me to start talking. My colleague soon produced his wife’s birth chart. I asked him one question: whether the chart was precise. Having obtained an answer in the affirmative, I studied the chart for some 10 seconds before declaring: "Your wife called a carpenter to the house and ordered that a larger bed be made. When the carpenter had finished the job, you went to bed and realized that the work had not been done properly. One measure was right - the bed was long enough - but the other one was not - the bed was still too narrow." 

The amazed look on my colleague's face told me that this brief analysis was absolutely correct. How was I so accurate? Sleeping and everything connected to it - a bed, a bedroom - is described in a horoscope's 12th house. The cusp of the 12th house of my colleague’s wife begins at the 21st degree of Aries, and the ruler of that house, Mars, is at the sixth degree of Virgo. According to my theory, the 21st degree has the symbolism of Sagittarius (like nine degrees), and Aries symbolizes to make, to create. So, his wife wanted to make (Aries) a larger (21st degree - Sagittarius - Jupiter - to enlarge) bed (the 12th house). 

As Mars, the ruler of the 12th house, is placed in Virgo (someone who renders services, a worker), his wife called a carpenter to the house. However, her Mars was in Virgo and, moreover at Virgo degree (sixth degree). Taking into consideration that Virgo symbolizes diminishing/making smaller, one measure of the bed had to be smaller than was necessary. Therefore, the cusp of the 12th house (the bed) at the 21st degree (Sagittarius - larger, longer) tells us that the bed was long enough (enlarged), and Mars in Virgo at Virgo degree (sixth degree) that it was not wide enough.

Naturally, any reader of this book will wonder how I had come to discover the secrets of the zodiac degrees.

While practising as an astrologer (and having studied astrology in a rather traditional way for this part of the world, through knowledge acquired from books available in Belgrade in the late 1980s and early 1990s by Dupor, Milekic and others) I began to notice that, more often than not, I was failing to pinpoint some crucial moments in a person’s life during a birth chart analysis.

Since my analyses also contained correct 'guesses', clients usually left satisfied (or at least partly satisfied). However, I remained dissatisfied and somewhat disappointed. Very often I spent long hours searching for answers to the details I had not seen in my analysis of a chart. I thought the missing knowledge could be found in books I did not possess, so I frantically ordered foreign astrology books. The number of books I had in English increased steadily, but my knowledge did not increase proportionally, only my disappointment. Furious, I decided to stop buying books and began conducting astrological research of my own. My horoscope certainly prompted me to make such a decision: I was born under Pisces, which symbolizes the unknown and unexplored, that is, research work - all of which is supported by my ascendant in Virgo, symbolizing small things, details. Thus, I focused (the ascendant - action) on studying (Pisces) the zodiac degrees (Virgo).

Around that time I also started working on Argument, whereby I received a letter from a grief-stricken mother asking me about the fate of her missing son. She had a feeling that he had been killed. Her son was born under Aries with Leo ascendant and the Sun (life) at the eighth degree of Aries. I remembered that Dupor had qualified that degree as adverse and as bound to have the symbolism of the eighth sign of Scorpio - death. It occurred to me that if the eighth degree has the symbolism of the eighth sign of Scorpio, the other zodiac degrees will have the analogous symbolism of a particular sign. I also recalled a sentence I had once read, along the lines of: 'The basic properties of something substantial are contained in the integral part thereof.' In astrology, the zodiac signs are 'substantial', and the zodiac degrees are the integral part of any astrological sign. 

I considered the following analogy: if the eighth degree corresponds to the eighth sign of Scorpio, then the first degree must be analogous to the first sign of Aries, the second degree analogous to the second sign of Taurus, the third degree analogous to the third sign of Gemini and so on, up to the 12th degree which has the symbolism of the 12th sign of Pisces. At the time, I had no clue about the zero (0) degree (from 0 to 29). For me, it presented an absolute mystery (although I did say to myself that some solution to this degree was bound to come), but all the time I kept thinking: and what about 13th, 14th, 15th degree..?

At the time I happened to be studying the birth chart of the United States. It occurred to me that every US president seems to have possessed a strong desire to be regarded as a great warrior. I wondered why. Obviously, their Sun (a president) squares Saturn (history), thus producing their wish to do something that goes down in history. But why war? It occurred to me that the degrees after the 12th degree start again from Aries. If we look at the zodiac circle and start from the first sign of Aries up to the last sign of Pisces, we will see that the zodiac continues; that is, the sign of Aries comes again, because the zodiac is an infinite circle. So, the American presidents (the Sun) wish to go down in history (Saturn) as warriors (the degree of Aries - Mars), because their Sun is at the degree of Aries  (13th degree of Cancer). 

The story continues from the beginning: the 13th degree has the symbolism of Aries, the 14th degree the symbolism of Taurus, the15th degree the symbolism of Gemini (Somehow, about that time, I was paid a visit by a girl with the Sun at the15th degree of Leo, in her 12th house. She said: "My father (the Sun) drives a bus (15th degree) to Montenegro (Leo) at night (12th house)." I jumped out of my chair in excitement), the 16th degree the symbolism of Cancer, and so on to the 24th degree. which has the symbolism of Pisces.

Naturally, I asked myself: "What next? What happens with the 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th degree of each sign?" Believe it or not, the birth chart that helped me solve my dilemma was that of Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889, 18:30, CET-1, 13E02, 48N15). His horoscope had long been a mystery to me. There were many questions to which I could not find answers: Why was Hitler obsessed with war? Why did he always appear in military uniform? Why did he personally command military operations?

There is a strong seventh house in Hitler's horoscope (concerning politics, warfare, conquering), but confusing to me was the fact that he was born under Taurus with ascendant in Libra - the ruler of both signs is Venus which, in astrology, symbolizes peace. In addition, his Venus (the ruler of the Sun and ascendant) in Taurus is much stronger than Mars in Taurus conjunction Venus. Strong Venus in Taurus in its natural seventh house is much stronger than Mars in Taurus in the seventh house, which is weak for Mars. However, something in that arrangement had pushed Hitler to wage war. The dilemma was resolved by the position of Hitler's ascendant at the 25th degree of Libra with the symbolism of Aries (the ruler Mars - waging wars). Naturally, just as in the zodiac circle, Aries comes again after the12th sign of Pisces, the 25th Aries degree comes after the 12th and 24th degree, which have the symbolism of the 12th sign of Pisces. Consequently, Hitler was obsessed with war; he appeared (the ascendant - the image we create) in military uniform and commanded military operations because his ascendant (action, image, appearance, action priorities), is at the 25th degree, conveying the symbolism of Aries.   

This continues in the same order of things: the 25th degree has the symbolism of Aries, the 26th degree the symbolism of Taurus, the 27th degree the symbolism of Gemini, the 28th degree the symbolism of Cancer and finally the 29th degree the symbolism of Leo.

After the 29th degree of each zodiac sign we come to the zero (0) degree of the next zodiac sign, hence repeating all 12 zodiac signs in a circle.