Author: Svetlana Panjkovic, professor

When a novice astrologer ventures on an adventure of interpreting other people’s birth charts and passionately devotes himself/herself to revealing the secrets hidden in the other horoscopes – having previously interpreted only his own and naively thinking he/she had analyzed it inside out - he/she does not have any clue about the ordeals he/she will be put through on this new task. The first thing one faces is that more often than not there will be cases where “nothing makes sense” because words of a client sound confusing and do not fit the picture one has in ones mind i.e. the theoretical thesis a diligent astrologer had so meticulously studied. It simply seems as though the picture is disappearing and becoming misleading, unfathomable and inexplicable. Eventually, after numerous sets of examples and many years of astrological practice one summons up the essence of things and, at first timidly but in time, with more courage, asks a question to such clients: “Are you sure this is your exact time of birth”? Shocked, they answer: “Certainly, it is written in my birth certificate, isn’t that correct enough for you?” Or more often: “My mother told me so, she remembers for sure. I know what she is like, she has a very good memory”. At that moment our poor astrologer finds himself between a rock and a hard place because he must be convincing in producing his arguments and explanation for having asked such a question and explain the importance such information bears for the client’s birth chart.

Well, why do we actually do that? When - in addition to the other necessary information - there is the exact time of birth, the interpretation of such a chart should present no difficulties for an astrologer. However, if we have to make even the smallest correction of our clients’ time of birth, we apply the astrological method called RECTIFICATION. What does this miraculous and extremely complex method include? It includes the creating of a new birth chart which is supposed to show all the crucial moments in the subject’s life and many new information we obtain the moment we become confident that we did this arduous task well. More precisely, it includes paying attention to the cusps of newly created houses and their rulers and aspects. However, regarding the method itself, it seems that every astrologer has his/her own (unique) way of performing the rectification which is, in fact, irrelevant, because we are only interested in the outcome - the corrected birth chart. The greater effort an astrologer puts in the research and incorporation, the greater pleasure he/she has, and the interpretation becomes better and more complete resulting in the mutual pleasure of a client and astrologer. Nevertheless, those cases with the absolutely unknown time of birth are the most difficult for the rectification, when a person does not have the slightest proof of even the time of the day when the birth took place and when those who could possibly help us had passed away. If you are not absolutely confident in your knowledge, do not even try to go down this abyss of research because it will easily lead you astray blurring your way out. Anyway, I have to repeat that although the work method itself is extremely difficult, carried out successfully it brings the astrologer an enormous pleasure thus increasing one’s self-confidence and reliance upon one’s own work.

I dedicate this article to my oldest client whose birth chart I have rectified and who, believe it or not, is exactly 80 and still around, alive and reasonably well, consulting me on a regular basis. His faith in astrology and the advice I provide as an astrologer have been very helpful to him, and his modern views on astrology as the integral part of our lives deserve admiration. I am especially grateful to him for the respect he has shown for me in our cooperation. All this carries even more weight when you realize that it is a person having the Sun in Scorpio. It is a common knowledge that these are extremely suspicious people who need a lot of strong evidence to be convinced in the accurateness of somebody’s statements, and even then you cannot be sure that they have accepted them entirely before they had “filtered” them through their own reasoning. The reason why this respectable gentleman came to the astrologer was even more interesting. These were, among other things, emotional problems! This strong life spark of his should serve as an example to us all.

Well, what was so interesting about the rectification of his birth chart? First of all, after I had obtained the information I deemed necessary, he told me that his mother claimed that he was born at 7 p.m. which, naturally, seemed barely credible and completely inaccurate. However, after I had shifted the time of his birth by just 3 minutes (!) I obtained the genuine horoscope which honestly shocked me, because I had been expecting a much harder job. All of a sudden, it seemed as though the picture on my computer screen came alive and the information started following one another.           

Well, he was born in Istanbul then called Constantinople (30 October 1920 at 19:03, EET-02, 28E58, 41N01). How can this be seen? The cusp of the 4th house moved to the 21st degree of Leo ruled by the Sun in Scorpio. According to the theory of Nikola Stojanovic, the 21st degree corresponds to the 9th sign of

Sagittarius and thus we can conclude that his roots (axis of the 4th house) are in a foreign country (21°) and its capital (Leo), i.e. that he originates from a Muslim country (the seat of the Sun is in Scorpio which is connected with the Muslims). He said that he supposed that his father was a foreigner – the cusp of the 10th house (father) is also at the 21st degree (Sagittarius – foreigner) indicating German origin (within the 10th house there is Uranus at the 1st degree which is, according to Nikola Stojanovic’s theory, equal to the 1st sign of Aries, which points out to Germany). But these facts have either been unknown or suppressed (the seat of Uranus in Pisces – to hide something as a secret). Furthermore, his mother was born near the lake of Prespansko – Jupiter at the 12th degree of Virgo rules the cusp of his 7th and mother’s 4th house (her origin). According to the theory of the mentioned author, the 12th degree corresponds to the 12th sign of Pisces which, in nature, symbolizes seas or lakes, while Virgo itself indicates fine sand, i.e. beach. His father was an intellectual (Uranus in the 10th house) and the owner of the first Serbian journal and the Serb School in Constantinople – the ruler of the 3rd and his father’s 6th house (his daily work) is the Moon at the 18th degree of Gemini (schools and journals), while the cusp of this house is in Cancer, which again means that both school and journal were in the language of the native country, homeland (Cancer). That 3rd house also presents his brother’s first house. His brother was a polyglot and spoke several languages (the ruler is the Moon in Gemini – languages) one of which was French (the Moon is at the 18th degree analogous to Virgo – Paris was born under Virgo). For the same reason my client drives a French car (his third house – traffic, means of transportation) the make of Citroen which is one of the powerful and leading car factories (Neptune in Leo in the 3rd house – leading, powerful – at the 13th degree corresponding to the 1st sign of Aries – to be the first – leading).

Placidus Houses

Born in Istanbul

My question whether he had put up an icon of a woman saint at home at a prominent place pretty much shocked him but he answered affirmatively. How did I find that out? Saturn, the ruler of the 9th house (religion) takes place in the 4th house (home) in Virgo (female sign) conjunction Jupiter (prominent place, honor), but also at the very cusp of the 5th house, which slightly confused me. I managed to solve this mystery. It was the Holy Virgin (presented by Saturn – a parent) with the child in her arms (the cusp of the fifth house - children)!

However, since Virgo is a dual sign, there was yet another icon of a female saint (Virgo) next to it – the icon of the Saint Petka. Anyhow, his flat is on the sunny side - which shows the cusp of the 4th house (home) in Leo (light, the sunny side) - and is extremely spacious (Jupiter in the 4th house). He complains about his furniture was old-fashioned (Saturn representing something obsolete and archaic is in the same house). The flat was (in the meantime he moved to another one) in the vicinity of TANJUG news agency– the Moon (a house, home) in Gemini (media).

He was employed in the federal administration (the Sun in the sixth house) and his office (work place – the sixth house) was in the Albania Palace (the seat of the Sun in Scorpio – Albania) He said he had transacted business with the Albanian (Scorpio in the 6th house) intellectuals – next to the Sun, in the 6th house, there is also Mercury (intellectuals) in Sagittarius (foreigners). Naturally, that cooperation was extremely well because the same Sun in Scorpio trines Uranus placed in the 10th house. His next business premises i.e. the office, was in the Street of General Zdanov – again the Sun placed in the sixth house sextile Jupiter (generals) at the 12th degree (the twelfth sign of Pisces - Russians), i.e. the general of Russian origin.

He had his stomach operated on when he was 60 – Mars in the 8th house (operations) in Capricorn (when old) and in the exact opposition to Pluto (destruction) in the second house - so a part of his stomach (Cancer rules stomach) was removed (Pluto). Unfortunately, this sweet man has never been married and, as it seems, it was because of his dominant mother (the Moon at the Ascendant and the ruler of the 7th house in the 4th house). Nevertheless, he has had a several marriage opportunities, and I found that the latest one was when he was 64, in fact, nearly 65 when, by the system of primary direction, Pluto reached Jupiter ruling the 7th house (marriage). He was in love with a woman from Split (Jupiter is at the 12th degree - sea), a Croat woman (the seat of Jupiter in Virgo – Croatia) who worked in a library (12° is Pisces degree which represents the limited-access institutions, which also includes libraries where it is peaceful which again is the symbolic of Pisces).

 Of course, there is much more to be read from this interesting birth chart, but I am going to leave it to you, my dear fellow astrologers, wishing you to enjoy your work and embrace the challenge of other rectifications, so enthralling for the audience but so difficult for us astrologers. Good luck.