Author: Nikola Stojanovic        

Christiane Amanpour, CNN's chief international correspondent- it would be interesting to see why she is dubbed »A Black Bird of Ill Omen«

I got the necessary data (date and place of birth) from an astrologer Dragan from Indjija 12.1.1958, London (00W10, 51N30) 12:58 PM GMT +00:00

 Logic of my rectification was as follows:

 -If you look at her place of birth, she actually lives in a foreign country –she was born in England and lives in America. The ruler of her 4th house is the Sun in the 9th house at the 21st degree bearing the symbolic of Sagittarius.

Christiane Amanpour

- Ascendant is Gemini –she works in media, on television, she is a reporter and anchor: Ascendant at the 7th degree which has the characteristics of the 7th sign of Libra (politics) prompted her to work in CNN, on TV channel dealing with political events: this is supported by her 6th house (company in which she works) which beings in the sign of Libra - politics.

 -the cusp of her 7th house (husband) is in the sign of Sagittarius (a foreigner) at the 7th degree (degree of Libra – politics, a politician) and thus, she married a foreign politician. In the 7th house, there is Mars which comes from the 12th house (distant overseas countries). This explains why her husband comes from an overseas country compared to her place of birth. In her 7th house there is also Saturn which influenced her late marriage – when she was about 40; the 7th house is in Sagittarius which is why her husband is American (America’s Ascendant is Sagittarius).

 -her 6th house – company she works for – begins at the 9th degree which conveys the characteristics of Sagittarius. Hence, she works for a foreign company; the first planet at the cusp of her 6th house is the Moon symbolizing DAILY events, which is why she works on daily news as a journalist; the Moon is placed at the 21st degree which has the characteristics of Sagittarius conjunction Jupiter (from abroad, in a foreign country). This is why she reads the news from all over the world and often is in a foreign country on business (6th house);

-she has a sexy voice- the ruler of her 2nd house (voice) is placed in her 8th house (house of erotic, sex);

-ruler of her 6th house (job, attitude to job) Venus, is in the 10th house (career, position, ruling position) and thus, with her work, she managed to become one of the heads in CNN; Venus is at the 15th degree which has all the symbolic of Gemini (media, TV, anchor, reporter), while the cusp of her 10th house is also placed at the degree of Gemini (3.) which is why she achieves success (10th house) in a typical job for a GEMINI;

-And, in the end, why she was dubbed A BLACK BIRD OF ILL OMEN: ruler of her Ascendant (the way other people see us) Mercury is in her 8th house conjunction Saturn. Mercury rules birds, Saturn rules black color and placed in the 8th house indicates evil... the aspect of Mercury and Saturn usually denotes RAVENS which have an ominous symbolic.