Author- Nikola Stojanovic

Many times we have heard that history is written by the victors,  which tells us that many historical events have been depicted “in a way which someone  (read-politicians) found suitable at a particular moment”.

Very often we do not have the opportunity to read a realistic and true story of a historical event of any kind. I personally think that the true historical facts are hidden in different archives of secret services which are, naturally, out of our reach. It is not surprising that a large number of documents (files) of various secret services worldwide become available to the public only after 50 and even more years had passed from the moment when such important historical events took place.

However, some of these historical events are recorded in the files in the way they really happened. The dilemma is how to differentiate between what is the truth and what is not true in a particular historical event.

Naturally, astrology or, to be more precise, an accurate astrological analysis can unveil the real truth.

 In this text I will deal with the dilemma whether Adolf Hitler, in the last days of his life, at the end of the World War Two, got married to his life companion Eva Brown and committed suicide or, as some authors claim, managed to escape somewhere far away and remain hidden in exile for the rest of his life.

Analysing his horoscope, we will see what happened to him at the end of the World War Two which he started.

I would like to note that in my astrological analysis I have used, as always, only the astrological knowledge for, the secret of astrology is hidden in its fundaments.

Adolf Hitler was born on 20.04.1889. at 18:30 PM CET -1 ( 13E02, 48N15).

He was born under the sign of Taurus with Ascendant in Libra. According to the astrology of the sign and Ascendant (which I call ”primitive astrology ”), he was born in a peaceful combination for, both Taurus and Libra are ruled by the peaceful planet Venus, usually producing artists – which was the initial Hitler’s ambition. However, his whole horoscope tells us that he was primarily a politician and then a warrior.

Many astrologers were perplexed by this combination of a politician and a warrior because Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, a peaceful planet…Confused by this fact, some astrologers even claim that his Ascendant is not Libra but Scorpio.

Ascendant Libra

Let me explain this dilemma.

Ascendant is crucial for the understanding and analysis of a horoscope. His Ascendant begins at the end of Libra and covers almost whole of Scorpio sign. The cusp of the house – degree at which Ascendant begins is also vital.

Since the Ascendant describes our first life choice, our first and primary dedication, Libra “made him” want to become an artist. He tried to enrol in the art school, but was refused because the ruler of his 9th house (studies), Mercury, is in the exact opposition (something against, failure) to his Ascendant (him).


Having failed in his intention, Hitler “turned to” the second meaning of Libra Ascendant – politics – for Libra symbolises dealings in politics.  This is ephasized even more by the position of  Venus, the ruler of the Ascendant in the 7th house – the house of politics.

This is a classical astrological pattern of many people who are professional politicians– the ruler of Ascendant is in the 7th house (house of politics).

Numerous facts support this combination: Ascendant describes someone’s behaviour. He was known as a gentleman, a man with good manners – again influenced by Libra Ascendant. As a leader he initiated alliances and pacts with other countries which is, again, typical for Libra Ascendant. Such persons cannot do anything alone and thus, they always associate and make treaties with others. Together with Italy and Japan he made the Tripartite Pact, and with Stalin he signed the Treaty of  Non-Aggression (Libra – peace).

In addition, his Libra Ascendant is also supported by a banal example from our neighbouring country, Croatia, which was the allied state of Hitler’s Germany. Namely, one SUGAR manufacturer put Hitler’s image on the bags of sugar last year.

Ascendant, as we know, symbolises someone’s image, while Libra symbolises sugar, thus producing one of the numerous indirect evidence of the accuracy of his Ascendant.

In addition, he was ironically dubbed Viennese house-painter, and since the sign of  Libra and Venus rule colours, painting and house-painting, such nick name is astrologically logical.

…and a warrior

The second ruler of his Ascendant is Mars (as the ruler of Scorpio), placed in the 7th house which symbolises politics as well as relations with other countries (in  a horoscope of a politician - leader of a country). As we know, Mars symbolises war and conflicts.

His7th house – relations with other countries, peace and war - begins in Aries which symbolises war. All of this is emphasised by the ruler of the 7th house, Mars (war) in the 7th house (relations with other countries), which tells us that Hitler will certainly enter the war.

Mars is in Taurus (country, territories), which is why Hitler entered the war – in order to expand (Mars trine Jupiter – to expand ) the territory (Taurus) of his country.

7th  house - politics – publicity

However, let us go back to the subject of this text.

The first thing that catches our eye when we look at his horoscope is

the group of planets in his 7th house. In this group, there are also two very important planets of his horoscope: the ruler of his Ascendant and the Sun – Venus – and Mars, the co-ruler of his Ascendant.

Both rulers of his Ascendant – Venus and Mars –together with Ascendant Libra, “lured him” into politics because the 7th house symbolises dealings with politics.

Nevertheless, one of the main meanings of the 7th house symbolic is also the publicity.

This meaning ( publicity) is very important for the answer to the dilemma whether he killed himself at the end of the War or managed to escape and remain hidden for the rest of his life.

The answer should be sought within the domain of psychological astrology:

You should ask yourself whether the person with such a strong 7th house - publicity (speaking in public, media appearance) would be able to escape and remain hidden, never to speak in public (7th house) again, not even through publishing a book, text, a letter or any other way.

In addition, at the very cusp of the 7th house there is Mercury ( words, speech, making speeches) which simply made him speak in public and deliver speeches …..And it is placed in Aries (action) at the degree of Aries (25), which produces persons who cannot stay silent and have to make themselves heard, say something, anything...

 Thus, at the very beginning of his horoscope analysis we can see that with such a strong 7th house Hitler simply cannot escape and stay silent and hidden without his voice being heard. The strong 7th house always “pushes us” in front of other people (the seventh house represents all other people, the public, politics, public speeches – because politicians are always in the public eye, their work is public).

In addition, his ruler of the 12th house (isolation, escape, hiding), Venus, is in the 7th house – public – conjunction the ruler of the 7th house (publicity) Mars, which means that sooner or later he would make himself heard and get out from his hiding to appear in public.

As we know, this never happened.

Successful escape and hiding

 For someone to escape and remain completely hidden, it is necessary to have a strong 12th house, lot of planets in Pisces or at the degree of Pisces (12, 24) or an extremely powerful Neptune (successful escape, to remain hidden) in numerous favourable aspects.

Let us have a look at the horoscopes of the Nazis who managed to escape or remain hidden for a long time.

Dr. Josef Mengele was born on 16 March 1911. at 11:44 AM CET -1 (10E16 48N27) under the sign of Pisces with Cancer Ascendant.

Pisces symbolise medicine but also the escape and hiding. His Sun, in addition to being placed in Pisces, is also found at the degree of Pisces – 24th degree – even more emphasizing the strong symbolic of Pisces – medicine but also the escape, to escape, to be hidden …

His Sun is in conjunction with the ruler of the 12th house (hospitals, concentration camps, escape …), Mercury, which tells us about the successful escape – the Sun (success) and Mercury, the ruler of the 12th house – escape – are placed in the 10th house (success).

In addition, the Sun and Mercury are in an excellent aspect of trine (successfully) with Neptune (to escape, to hide and remain hidden) in his first house.

The persons who have Neptune in the first house favourably aspecting other planets are almost impossible to be caught and found.

In addition, the Sun, Mercury and Neptune are in trine with Jupiter (luck, foreign country …), which is why Dr. Mengele successfully (trine) escaped (Neptune) abroad (Jupiter) and remained hidden for the rest of his life.

The ruler of the 9th house – foreign country – is in the 8th house – death – which indicates his death in a foreign country.

His7th house – publicity – is empty and not pronounced and thus, in his exile he never appeared in public (in press, the media, letter or in any other way). In his exile, he remained SILENT for the rest of his life.

When we compare his horoscope with that of Hitler’s whose 7th house is emphasized (publicity), what do you think, would Hitler choose to stay so well hidden and would he manage to keep himself from being heard from his exile like Dr. Mengele…I seriously doubt that.

 Adolf Eichmann was born on 19 March 1906 at 8:58:16 AM CET -1 (07E05  51N10).

He was born under the sign of Pisces with Ascendant Gemini. There is Jupiter at his very Ascendant ( Minister) ruling his 8th house (death) which is why, due to his “work”, he was nicknamed the Minister of Death. He was the main commander in organising the collection of people to be sent to concentration camps in which they died in gas chambers.

He has two planets in the sign of Pisces, the Sun and Saturn (concentration camps and also escape), and in the 12th house (concentration camps, escape) there are 4 planets (Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter). Therefore, out of 10 planets in his horoscope, as many as 6 plants carry the symbolic of Pisces – concentration camps, escape.

He had managed to remain hidden for 15 years until the agents of Israeli secret service Mossad found him and brought him to justice.

Why was Eichmann caught despite a powerful symbolic of Pisces in his horoscope?

His Sun in Pisces does not have favourable aspects as, for example, that in the horoscope of Dr. Mengele. In addition, the ruler of his Ascendant – his image, him – is in the 12th house (to be hidden, escape), however in an adverse aspect of square with Neptune (to be invisible, hidden), which contributed to the fact that he was eventually found. His cover was blown by the letter ( Gemini) written by a friend of his.

Therefore, the symbolic of the sign of Ascendant will always blow the cover of a fugitive.

In addition, the ruler of the 7th house (court, publicity) Jupiter, at his very Ascendant (he), brought him to trial -for this position simply condemns him to trial. The trial was covered by numerous press representatives and all world media, which is again described by the position of Jupiter (the ruler of the 7th house – court, in Gemini – media, from the whole world - Jupiter).

End of life

Let us go back to Hitler’s horoscope.

The 4th house of anyone’s horoscope will describe the events experienced at the end of life.

In Hitler’s horoscope, the 4th house begins in Aquarius. Uranus, the first ruler of this house is placed in his 12th house while the second ruler, Saturn , is in his 10th house in the sign of Leo.

It is traditional in astrology that Saturn in the 10th house ( ambitions, success) brings about the shattering of all ambitions, loss of power and reputation …His Saturn is extremely adverse – it is in its fall in Leo and placed at the degree of Aries (13) square Mars in the sign of its fall, in Taurus, all of which contributed to the fact that he lost the War (Mars).

All his plans were shattered. His obsessive wish to rule the world ( cusp of his 10th house at the 2nd degree of Leo – supreme power, ruling the world) fell apart. The allied army was already marching throughout Germany while the Russian soldiers were carrying on the battles in Berlin.

Berlin was heavily shelled and bombed. His 4th house in Aquarius speaks of that fact (shelling, bombing ). At that point, the second ruler of the 4th house, Uranus, came to the stage.

His Uranus is in his 12th house (to hide) of Libra (with a woman, companion). He was hiding in an underground bunker.  His Uranus is at the 19th degree, however retrograde and thus also exerts its influence one degree back (retrograde planets always influence the previous degree, as well) i.e. the 20th degree which has the symbolic of Scorpio. This is why he was hiding (12th house) from the bombing (Uranus) in an underground bunker ( degree of Scorpio – 20).

As soon as one enters into the symbolic of the 12th house (hiding), all the symbolic of such house is activated ( planets in that house, the ruler of that house). In his 12th house there is Uranus which, as we know, in astrology symbolises, among other things,  a suicide… Therefore, he was considering suicide ( Uranus is retrograde and thus influences the 20th degree – degree of Scorpio – death)…However, considering something and doing something are two different things.

To see how his life really ended we need to analyse his 8th house.

In addition, toward the end of his life (4th house, ruler Uranus ) he had the nervous breakdown (Uranus opposition Mercury), his hands were visibly shaking (Uranus opposition Mercury) and he started to send children to war (Mercury – children in Aries – war).

Hitler’s death

The day before his death (29. 04. 1945.) he got married to his loyal companion Eva Brown and on the very next day (30. 04. 1945. around 15:15 in Berlin) they both committed suicide. Historical records say that she took the poisonous ampoule while he took the same kind of ampoule and shot himself through the mouth.

Let us look at his 8th house.

His 8th house begins at the 22nd degree of Taurus; in the 8th house there are planets Neptune and Pluto in Gemini; the ruler of the 8th house is in the 7th house in the exact conjunction with Mars, the ruler of the 7th house.

Married one day before his death

 Venus, the ruler of the 8th house (death) is placed in the 7th house (marriage, wedding) in the exact conjunction with the ruler of the 7th house (marriage, wedding, spouse). The exact conjunction of the two planets always produces almost simultaneous events.

He got married (Venus as the ruler of Ascendant – he got married – in the 7th house – marriage-conjunction Mars ruling the 7th house– got married) and the next day, together with his wife, went to his death (Venus also rules the 8th house conjunction Mars, the ruler of the 7th house- his wife). In addition, the ruler of the 8th house in the 7th house (spouse) alone produces the death with one’s spouse.

Why was this a suicide ?

In case of a suicide, Uranus is always active (also the degrees of Aquarius – 11, 23 and the sign of Aquarius …). His Uranus is in conjunction (adverse aspect) with Venus, the ruler of the 8th house.

The inconjunction orb is 5 degrees. His Venus is at the 16th degree of Taurus and Uranus is at the 19th degree of Libra – orb of three degrees fits in the inconjunction orb (5 degrees).

And what is the influence of Neptune and Pluto

in Gemini in the 8th house?

Gemini symbolise duality and thus, Hitler committed suicide in TWO ways: he drank the poison from the ampoule (Neptune – poison) and shot himself through the mouth ( the ruler of the 8th house, Venus, in the exact conjunction with Mars– gun, to shoot, in Taurus – mouth). He asked from his driver (Gemini) to pour the gasoline over their bodies (Neptune – gasoline) , burn them and destroy them completely (Pluto – destruction) in the yard (Gemini) of the bunker.

The horoscope is active even after the death. Neptune in the 8th house brought the  mystery (Neptune) surrounding his death and numerous books (Gemini) were published stating that his death was false (Neptune) and that, in fact, “it was his double“ (Gemini) who died.

His grave

His 4th house (grave) is in Aquarius, which is why the Russian soldiers frequently moved (Aquarius-changes) his mortal remains. His burial place was changed as many as 17-18 times. This was done in secret because the ruler of his 4th house (grave) is in the 12th house (secrecy, something hidden). Eventually, they burned his mortal remains and disseminated them over the Elba river . Thus, Hitler does not have his grave (the ruler of the 4th house in the 12th house).

In the solar horoscope for the year of his death, his Ascendant is placed in the 8th house (death). Lunar horoscope for April 1945 produces Aquarius Ascendant (suicide) with Uranus (suicide) in the 4th house (end) square Mars in Pisces at the 8th degree (degree of Scorpio). At the moment of his death (30 April 1945 in Berlin at 15h15 min), Uranus (suicide) at the 11th degree (!) of Gemini was on the very MC of the horoscope set for the moment of death. Uranus (suicide) had been transiting his 8th house for a long time.

In addition, in the very end, the cusp of his 8th house at the 22nd degree of Taurus made him one of the biggest mass murderers (22nd degree – murderers) in the history of mankind. This is emphasized by the conjunction of the cusp of the 8th house with the fixed star Algol which produces mass deaths and sufferings. In addition, Pluto (mass killings) at the 4th degree (degree of Cancer – people) pronounces this even more while Neptune (poison, concentration camps) in Gemini (air, gas)  produces many people (exalted Pluto in Gemini) who were killed in concentration camps (Neptune) by poisonous gas ( Gemini). In the World War Two which he started more than 50 million people were killed.

Therefore, this analysis confirms the historical fact that Hitler killed himself together with his wife. Well, sometimes it just happens that we learn the truth. This was probably due to the fact that no one had anything to gain by lying about his death …


Many times I have heard the statements such as : ” Hitler was surrounded by the whole team of astrologers and yet he lost the war...“ This was supposed to present the key evidence for the ignorant people that the astrology is sheer nonsense.

Hitler and Hitler’s horoscope are the proof that astrology functions perfectly. No one having such a weak Mars (war) in the sign of its fall (Taurus) can win the war, in particular if it is at the degree of Cancer (16th degree – degree of Mars exile) square malefic Saturn in the sign of its fall in Leo at the degree of Aries (13- degree of Saturn exile). Due to all these adverse indicators, Hitler faced a genuine war catastrophe. Not even the best astrologers that this mankind has produced would be able to help him win the war with such an adverse horoscope.

Astrologers are not magicians and gods... They are only the interpreters of human destiny.